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What do I find in a therapy space?

Individual therapy

It is a space where the person feels comfortable to express their concerns and associated emotions. The therapist accompanies and offers support tools to promote their psycho-social well-being.

Family and couple intervention

All its members participate. It supports and promotes the functioning of the couple or family. It offers help and advice to face difficulties of daily life.

Group therapy

We work in small groups, usually 10 people.They work on issues inherent to problems shared by their members.
Example: a group for people suffering anxiety.

groupe de discussion

Development group

We work topics of general interest, in small groups (10 people). The objective is to boost of personal well-being obtaining information, developing skills, or reflecting on our behaviors and attitudes.
Example: group of immigrant parents with teenage children born in Canada.


They are based on the annual income of each client.

Each therapy session or individual intervention:

Income of $ 30,000 or less —————————–  $ 40 

Income under $ 30,000 ———————————– 10% of weekly net salary

Each therapy session or intervention of a couple or family:

Income of $ 30,000 or less ——————————- $ 50

Income under $ 30,000 ————————————- 10% of weekly net salary + $ 10

Note 1: In the case of individual, couple or family interventions, an additional $ 10 is charged for opening the file during the first meeting with the client.

Each therapy session or group intervention —– $ 30

Each exchange group session or workshop ———– $ 30

Note 2: The Center reserves the right to change prices in the case of workshops or similar spaces exceeding 1 1/2 hours.

Our clients: children, adolescents and adults