Mental health services. Listening with an intercultural intervention approach.
Therapy Center for all

About Us

In our interventions we privilege an intercultural approach so as to contribute to the psychological and social well-being of people of all cultures, while at the same time respecting everyone’s dignity.

We offer a professional listening space at affordable prices.

Our services include therapy, support, clinical monitoring, training of skills or abilities (coaching) and psychosocial intervention, which can be individual, as a couple or as a family.

Our team is characterized by being multidisciplinary and brings together professionals from different branches of intervention and helping relationship.

Currently, we offer intervention spaces in French, Spanish and English.

Adapted services

Our therapy services (individual, group) are distinguished by an intercultural intervention approach. In the client-therapist relationship, we take the identity and cultural references of each person to build a communication space favorable to listening.

Affordable services

Our prices are calculated according to the customers' income.

We’re all different

What is the intercultural approach of intervention?

A way to listen and understand you, taking into account your cultural identity.

It is to discover you from your cultural models, your customs, your language, your traditions, your beliefs, your way of resenting and to connect you to the world.

How do I know that I have to visit a therapist?

If you identify with some of these situations, you can ask for help.

Would you like to express yourself in your mother tongue in a therapy space?